Lifting tilting devices / container emptying

Container emptying systems from Köberlein & Seigert are ideal for the transfer of compact loads of feed parts to the feed process. Köberlein & Seigert uses special insulation to meet strict low noise and gentle container emptying standards. Safety is at the forefront of our design and manufacturing work, and the requirements of our customers are key when we integrate container emptying into the feed process. Standard or special tipping device, the fundamental operating principle is the same. A swivel frame empties a tipping container full of feed parts over the downstream component (e.g. a storage conveyor). Blank holders that prevent the set tipping container from falling out during the tipping process are fitted in the swivel frame.

lifting tilting device offered by Köberlein & Seigert

Advantages of our product


  • Tipping lifts for all relevant materials and all shapes of container
  • Innovative coupling system for slower tip-out
  • Adjustable tipping angle up to 180 degrees
  • 100% emptying guaranteed
  • Minimal drop height for gentle handling
  • Low-noise tipping process
  • Tipping heights of up to 6 meters
  • Load handling up to 3000 kilograms
  • Hydraulic or electric drive
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